Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scrap Box Sunday + Link Party! ~ Rosette Ring

I'll admit it, I'm a hoarder!
Just look at my scrap fabric drawer!

There are some bits in there that are less than an inch big, but I love the fabric so much I can't bear to part with them. Oh dear!

Anyway, I figure that I'm not the only one with this problem! So here's the first entry for Scrap Box Sunday! I'm even hosting a link party so you can link up your scrap box creations as well! Sound like fun?? I think so!

To kick things off, today I'll show you how I made a Super Easy Rosette Ring!

You will need:
* A long rectangular strip of fabric from your scrap drawer!
* Some coordinating beads
* A ring blank
* Thread
* Super glue
* Gemstone glue

This is what I used :)

What to do:
Use you scrap fabric to make a rosette!
I made a "twisted rose" and stitched through the middle at the bottom to hold everything securely in place.

Tie one of your beads onto the end of your thread.

Thread enough beads onto the thread so that when you make a loop out of them, they fit snugly around your rosette.

Push your thread back through the first bead.

Pull the thread tight and knot it off. Trim the excess thread.

Run Gemstone glue around the bottom edge of your rosette. I like using Gemstone glue because it dries clear and has a bit of "give" when it's dry, so it's pretty forgiving!

Press your bead loop onto the glue. Push it around a bit until you're happy with how it sits, then let it dry. I try to make sure the knot on the bead loop is at the bottom, facing the middle. It'll be hidden here.

When it's dry, pop some super glue onto your ring blank.

Push your rosette/bead combo onto it and let it dry
The "let it dry" bit is pretty important otherwise you'll have a ring permanently attached to your finger.

Viola! You have a pretty ring made from scraps lying around your craft room!

OK, now it's YOUR turn!

Link up anything that you've made with scraps lying around your craft room! It doesn't have to be fabric scraps, it could be paper, ribbon, beads anything crafty! You've got until Thursday! 

Just display H&H's button somewhere on the post or in your sidebar, and link up!

I can't wait to see what you talented people come up with!


shannon said...

I am not crafty lol. I am your newest follower. I love the ring.

Fabulously Flawed said...

I am all over the place in love with that ring!
Way to go, crafty chick!

McDancer said...

Stopping in from Say Hi Sunday, this is fabulous! That ring is simply adorable!!

Katy said...

how cool! And I am a paper hoarder, haha! My scrap box looks like that. I can't sew, so I craft with stamps & paper, lol!

Following you from the Meet & Follow Sunday! Come follow me at

Jill said...

That ring is gorgeous!! I'm working my way through my scraps too and posting my results on a Friday. This is a great idea for a linky - I'm going to check back and link up later!!

I actually just stopped by to let you know that I featured your bead bracelet on my round tuit post this week!
Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Wow, thanks so much Jill!! That's really exciting :D

Thanks everyone for your comments :D I'm glad you like my little offering! Hehe! xx

Jennifer said...

Love the ring!!! Those beads are a great idea!!
I have a ton of scraps too! I always save the smallest pieces thinking I might need it someday!

Brycie Jean said...

Love the RING! Love it!
I promise I have a craft to contribute to this link up I just finished it tonight (it's 11:26 pm my time.) I will get it up on my blog and WILL be linking up here with you ASAP! :)


Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Hehe, that will be awesome Bry!
I'm glad I'm not the only one Jennifer, lol!

Linda said...

Very very nice.

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

Your ring is too cute!

alison said...

so cute and daughter would love making something like this...thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


stuff and nonsense said...

Very pretty ring! Scraps are great! Although my scraps are of a different sort (wood) hahaha

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