Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Engagement Party

OK, I have a confession to make.

I took hardly any photos at our engagement party :O
Sorry guys :-/ Fail! I'll share what I do have at least!

As you know, I made tonnes of decorations! But in the end, we ran out of time getting everything up and organised, even with help from all our parents! Plus, we weren't allowed to stick anything to the walls - boo! I guess that's the disadvantage of having a party at a hall instead of at home. Anyway, here's a piccy of the food table before the copious amounts of hot food arrived!

Like my pennant banner? I wasn't sure how much space we'd have, so I made separate triangles and pegged them straight onto the twine! I also made circle markers with the food names on the front and ingredients on the back (so many friends with allergies, this was the easiest way to make sure everyone ate safe!), and popped them into jars and vases with some paper flowers. It looked quite pretty!

In the background of the pic below you can see my vegan, allergen-free vanilla and orange & rosewater cupcakes and in the front you can see the yummy mini tiramisu I made! Mmmm!

My step-mum second mum was amazing! She took the day off work before our party to help me prepare and spent a heap of time making these delicious cold rolls. They disappeared SO quickly, I only got to eat one!

Here's my nommy chai cupcakes! I misjudged and made about a bazillion of these and still have a stack of them in my freezer! Luckily they're my favourite cupcake, so it's no burden having to eat them all ;D 

And here are my black forest cupcakes and berry lemon cupcakes, so much sugary goodness!

I also made semi-dried tomato, spinach and feta mini-quiches, sweet corn fritters and chicken mornay  vol-au-vents, and we made pork and plum dumplings but didn't even bother to serve them because we just had SO much food! It was all very yummy, but we had a ridiculous amount of leftovers. Luckily, most of it got eaten for lunches and dinners over the next few days ;D I'll share recipes for some of the savoury things in the coming weeks.

It was great having our friends and family together, but I can tell you one thing - I am not cut out for party planning! I'm way too much of a stresspot! ;)


Steph said...

Wow everything looked great! Love that pennant banner and all that yummy food!
I'll come over and help you with those cupcakes. :o)

Jennifer said...

It all looks and sounds yummy! Cute pennant banner too!

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