Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Baby Bag: Revealed!

I just realised that I never shared the finished baby bag with you! 

I finished the bag just in time for a trip back home to visit my Mum and my friend who I made the bag for. My friend loved the bag, which made me super happy! I was a bit sad because I was going to miss the baby shower (a fortnight after my visit) but very glad I could give the bag to her in person before the baby arrived!

And arrive the baby did - 3 days after my visit!! Baby Isla arrived 6 weeks early, tiny and perfect and thankfully very healthy! She's about month old now, and safely home with an ecstatic mum and dad! 
Congrats guys! <3

OK, onto the bag! Here's some photos for your enjoyment! :D

Here's a front shot. It's got pockets on the front, back and both sides. There are two straps, a long one for over the shoulder/body and a short one, and both have clips at each end so you can swap them around or leave both on.

Here's an inside shot showing the spotty oilcloth and the inside mesh pockets, the tops of which are elastic to hold stuff in. You can see the baby change mat I made popped inside the bag too ;)

So there you go! I got it finished just in the nick of time! :D


Steph said...

GREAT job, Rissa! Congrats to your friend on her new arrival! She'll no doubt be prepared, in style, for everything the baby needs when she's on the go!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! That turned out so awesome!!

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