Monday, January 17, 2011

Tutorial - Fabric Covered Canvas Wall Hangings

So last night I said I'd show you how I make these. Since I put that cute little L.O.V.E set in the store, I won't provide templates but I will go through step-by-step - as long as you promise to share if you make something using this tutorial! ;)

Gather your materials. Since I'm making 4 mini wall hangings, each with a different letter on it, I decided to use 8 different fabrics. Whatever combination you like, go for it! You'll need one canvas for each letter. I got these cute 10 cm x 10 cm canvases at Bunnings <3

Sketch out your design. As you can see, I sketched it onto the canvases. Since you're going to want to cut out templates for your letters on paper, it's probably smarter to draw out some 10 cm x 10 cm boxes on paper and sketch your design on those, then you can just cut them out and away you go! Unlike me, who then had to transfer the sketch onto paper and cut it out, then rub out my original sketches ;) Doh!

On the fabric you're using for your letters, sketch around your paper template using an air erasable pen or similar.

Cut your letters out and if you want/need to, remove the trace marks. My pen needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Also, if (like me..) you haven't ironed your fabric yet - do it now! Yes, the letters AND the background fabric!

Place your canvas upside down on your background fabric and work out how big a square to cut out:
Width of fabric square = 
the width of the front of the canvas
+ width of the side of the canvas
+ width of the back edge of the canvas
+ about 1/2 to 1 cm for folding under

I usually wing it by overestimating and trimming as needed 0:-)

Now you need to cut the corners of the fabric away so there isn't too much excess to fold under. Cut as shown in the diagram and photo below - for two opposite sides, cut so the edges line up with the edges of the canvas. For the other two opposite sides, cut so that the edges are about 1cm away from the edges of the canvas - this gives some extra for folding under (shown in red). If this is unclear, read the rest of the tutorial before cutting your fabric ;)

We're going to tape and staple the fabric into place. Don't worry, you won't be able to see the tape at all and the staples will only be seen from the back. Place double sided tape where shown in the photo.

Fold the edge of the fabric under and stick it down as shown in this photo, remembering to pull the fabric taut.

Repeat on the opposite side.

On the uncovered sides, fold the edges in and place double sided tape as shown, then fold the fabric up. Again, keep the fabric as taut as you can.

3 pieces of tape - left, right and centre top.

Please note that in the last few photos the fabric hasn't looked as taut as it should - I actually pulled it all off and re-stuck it because it was faar too loose, hence all the reminders to keep it pulled firmly! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos that time *face palm*
Now you have this! 

This is how it should look when you turn it over: 

Turn it so the back is facing up again. Tuck each corner under and staple it in place.

Da-da! A freshly covered canvas ready for your crafty amusement.

Lay out your letters and any embellishments until you're happy with the look.

Using fabric glue, stick all the pieces into place.

Leave to dry and then add a hanging triangle to the back.

Viola! Cute, personalised wall art! 


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