Monday, January 10, 2011

Organisation and a handbag to celebrate the end of the holidays!

Back to Uni tomorrow, nose to the grindstone and all that jazz :) I'm going to try to get into the habit of getting up and started early every day, so I can finish Uni related work in the mid-afternoon, giving me time to do me stuff (read: sewing and craft!) more often. I was getting into that routine at the end of last year, wish me luck for keeping it up! ;)

This week I'd hoped to get heaps of sewing and crafty things done, but alas! As usual, I didn't get as much done as I'd planned. Still, it was a very productive and relaxing week! What I did do was:

  • Donate blood - first time ever! Wonder what blood type I am? Find out soon!
  • Experiment with glass tile pendants
  • Make a set of 3 mini wall hangings (brown rodents, cute!!)
  • Make a mini wire birdcage
  • Finish the Family Tree bracelet for Mum
  • Get my first Madeit enquiry
  • Make my first Madeit sale! <3
  • Go to the Moonlight cinema with my lovely man
  • Visit the Central Markets and get some seeds to send to Grandpa <3
  • Organise my jewellery - thanks Mum for the gorgeous tree stand! I know this is a lot of jewellery still, and it's only my absolute favourite pieces! I stashed stacks more in the cupboard! *blush*

Aaaannd... To top off the week, today I made a handbag! 

I'm really happy with how this turned out. It's got a zip closure, long tie-together straps, a detachable flower pin for dressing it up and a double inside pocket. I've put it in my Madeit store, Hazel and Honeysuckle. I'm going to make some fabric necklaces for the shop in the next few days, and I'm just about to post a listing where you can get your own custom made Family Tree bracelet.

For my next sewing project I want to make a wallet with an interesting array of sections and card holders. I'm overdue for a tutorial, so that might be it! We'll see how well it turns out ;)


Handmade said...

Hi - nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment - you're very busy and creative - this is a cute handbag and I really like your paper flowers too. Good luck!!

Rissa said...

Thanks Gay! My pleasure! Your blog is lovely, I really enjoyed reading about the different things you've been making :)

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