Sunday, January 9, 2011

So exciting! And some cute bits and pieces...

I'm so excited I had to post! I've made my first sale at my store - Hazel and Honeysuckle! And I've also had my first enquiry about a commission, so hopefully that goes well too. Yay! Thank you to everyone who's given me support both here and on my personal Facebook page :)

Just recently I bought a glass tile pendant kit from CandyTiles on Etsy. It took a little while to arrive (coming from OS and me being so smart and ordering it right before Christmas ;)) but I'm so glad it's here! I've had lots of fun so far. I made two pendants, the square one using paper that came with the kit - so pretty I couldn't resist! And the rectangle made from fabric and ribbon of mine.

They're not perfect, so definitely not going into the shop yet (let me know if you'd like to buy one on the cheap ;)). From this I've learned that the q-tip included in the kit really isn't the best thing for putting on the diamond glaze - too many bubbles! The bubbles are very small and I can only find them on the back, but they're impossible to get rid of! Also, there are a few imperfections on the front - you can see them clearly in the photo. There's a bubble on the side of the square one and some issues with the ribbon on the rectangle one. Still, I like them and this was fun! A bit more practice and I'll be a pro in no time ;)

To celebrate my Madeit successes so far, I made a cute little set of wall hangings that I'm going to post in the shop shortly. Here's a sneak preview!

Can you tell that I love using pink and green together...?


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