Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Made a MadeIt store!

I'm pretty excited! I just opened a MadeIt store and popped up a few of my jewellery pieces, yay! This is something I've wanted to do properly for a while now. I originally opened an Etsy store at the start of last year, but I just didn't have time then to commit to it then. Now I'm more settled. Plus, being in Australia rather than the US made it hard to be competitive with shipping rates! So, makes much more sense for me :)

Check out my MadeIt store, Hazel and Honeysuckle!

One of my handmade lamp work bead and wire rings

Handmade canvas wall art

So far I've put up a few necklaces, a few bracelet and earring sets, a couple of rings and a couple of pieces of fabric wall art. I'm going to make some handbags to post very soon too!

Wish me luck!


Steph said...

What beautiful pieces! Congrats on your new of luck with it!

Rissa said...

Thank you so much Steph! I'm really excited, I just need muster some bravery and share the site with more of my friends and family now, otherwise it's definitely not going anywhere ;)

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