Sunday, January 2, 2011

Craft Book Challenge

I've been reading blogs all over the place tonight and having an absolute ball! I'm feeling really inspired and now I'm ready to craft it up this week before I have to get back into the swing of Uni and my PhD again. The big question will be, where to start?!

Immediate projects:
  • Family tree bracelet for mum.
  • Fabric covered boxes for our two big cubed bookshelves. I think I need 16 of them!
  • Cage liners and matching hammocks for the ratties <3
  • More fabric necklaces

Other things I want to try:
  • Stuffed toys! I have ideas in my head, I especially want to try making a patchwork elephant.
  • A Rock 'n' Roll skirt with a nice big waist band!
  • Perhaps my own bathers. I'm completely in love with these from SeaFolly, but $160 is stretching the budget a bit much! So I thought I might try to make something myself... Haha ;)
  • More handbags! Many, many more handbags!
  • I have an idea in my head for a wire bird cage ornament.. Might have to try it out soon! It's very pretty in my head, I wonder if I can bring that into reality..!
  • Fabric and craft paper flowers
  • Cushion covers for the lounge - but first I want to buy or make a plain coloured slip cover for the sofa.

There's no way I can get even half of that done, especially seeming as the Christmas pinch has ensured that I have no spare riches to refresh my sewing supplies before I start. I have lots of stuff already, it just means I'll have to make do if there's anything I don't have.

While reading all of those excellent crafting and sewing blogs, I stumbled across Leisl Made, and consequently, her craft book challenge!
Basically, the idea is that we have to make one thing out of one of our existing craft books each month, perhaps even refraining from obtaining (hehe) any new craft books until we've made something from every book we already own. Challenging! I don't know if I can do it, but I'm going to try!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your project goals. They sound like lots of fun! :)
(And for the Craft Book Challenge: feel free to adjust the rules to suit your life.)

Rissa said...

Thanks so much Liesl! I think the challenge is an excellent idea! It's very motivating :)

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