Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Monday! Pinterest and Baby Bag Progress

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month 
and no returns for ever and ever!!

And by that I mean, Happy August 1st! 
(Ahh, primary school days ;))

You may have noticed that I have a new button over with my Facebook and Twitter links. I've been playing around on Pinterest! This is one bandwagon I'm excited to be hopping on to - it's such a fun way to organise inspirational pictures! If you want, leave your Pinterest link in the comments so I can check yours out too!

As most of you will know, we've been plotting and planning out this baby bag for quite a while now and we've finally settled on a design! Please excuse my dodgy drawing skills in these pictures ;) Originally I was thinking something like this, with one of the two fabrics we have purchased predominant and the other used for pockets:
Brown being faux leather - faux leather sounds much nicer than vinyl, right? ;) - and with a zippered top, lots of pockets on the inside as well as pockets on the outside front, back and sides. Don't you just love the Joel Dewberry fabrics? These are the Aviary 2 collection in lilac, YUM!

Then my friend decided that she was rather partial to this style of bag:
Brown Bird Diaper Bag from Kaboodle

 So we now have a new plan! 
Except, we've now decided that we only want to use the lighter fabric with the faux leather and leave the darker fabric for making zippered pouches and whatnot, which means we didn't order enough of the lighter fabric the first time round and I'm going to have to wait for a second order to arrive..! BOO! Ah well, perhaps it'll arrive this week and I can get sewing over the weekend.

I'm so keen to get going on it that I've started cutting out the pieces anyway ;)

Happy Monday!


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