Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whip It Up Wednesday: Trinket Box

OK, so it's Whip It Up Thursday - sorry! I thought I'd well and truly be back in action by now but it seems not! I have a stack of half finished projects that I'll share with you as I wrap them up :)

Today's project is my Fabric Decoupaged Trinket Box

What You Need:

* A trinket box to decoupage ;) 
I bought a glass topped jewellery box from the craft store, but you could find something
at a thrift store to give new life to if you wanted!

* An assortment of fabric scraps

* Mod Podge
I think matt finish works best with fabric

* Coordinating ribbon
The width of the ribbon should be the same as the edges of the box - the pictures
later in this tutorial will help explain what I mean by this!

What To Do:

Before you cut any strips of fabric, plan out which fabric you're using for each compartment in your trinket box - you can see most of my "plan" in the What You Need image above.

For each compartment, cut one strip of fabric that will cover the two side edges and the back of the compartment, then cut two smaller rectangles for the top and bottom edges.

Using matt finish Mod Podge, glue all of your fabric strips into place. I found it easier to stick down the back first, then smooth from the middle out to the edges. Try to push the fabric into the back corners for a neat finish. Once stuck in place, brush on a top coat of Mod Podge, and clean up any excess Mod Podge as you go.

Now we get onto our ribbon. I cut strips of ribbon for all of my inside edges, so 5 short and 2 long strips. Mod Podge these into place, and give them a top coat as well.

I was happy with my trinket box at this stage, so I stopped decorating here. You could also run ribbon around the outside edge, and could paint or otherwise decorate the outside of the trinket box - I'm hoping to get a Silhouette for my birthday in July, so if I do I plan to make a vinyl stencil for the glass on the lid. For now I like the raw look, it matches with the other bits and pieces in my messy, student house.

Now you just need to fill it with things that you like! I like tea :)

Have a wonderful week beautiful people!


superh2ogirl said...

LOVE it! I love decoupage! So much fun getting messy with glue everywhere!


Anonymous said...

nice! I thought you were going to do the outside of the box, I love that you did the inside AND that you used it for tea! Cute idea!

Jennifer said...

cute and fun!!

B.Cheniful said...

this turned out awesome!!!! so pretty. GREAT JOB GIRL! :)

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