Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Monday! A Slippery Visitor

For my Monday sharing this week I'm being completely random - be warned that this post has absolutely nothing to do with crafts, cooking, art or ANYTHING like that!

And more importantly, if lizards give you the creeps, look away now...!

We have an adult lizard who hangs out in our driveway sunning himself on warm days, but I've never managed to get a photo. The other day we had a smaller dude hanging out in his place, and I actually managed to get really quite close to it and take some cool pictures, so I decided that I'd share and hopefully at least some of you will enjoy them ;)

... are you ready to see the photos of my awesome visitor?

Why, hello Mr Lizard! 

How awesome is this guy?

It's definitely a Blue Tongue!

Actually, this little dude got pretty cranky with how close I was and even hissed at me, so I left him alone to get back to sun-bathing after I snapped this picture ;)

Disclaimer: I actually have no idea of the gender of the lizards XD

I hope you enjoyed my little sample of Aussie wildlife!
Have a wonderful week beautiful people! <3


Steph said...

Wow he's huge! We had a 3inch one in our garage but nothing like this! His stripes are kinda cool!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...


He looks ginourmous.....Yikes!

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

WOW! I would much rather a lizard sunbathe in my yard than a 4 feet long snake! He looked relatively harmless?!?!

Jennifer said...

Egads! I can not believe how close you got!! You are brave! And you say he's smaller than the usual visitor?! Oh my!!

LambAround said...

Holy moly! We get lizards in our yard, but they're about an inch tall. I remember seeing a lizard like yours when I visited my grandparents in Perth as a child...and running away as fast as I could, screaming! :)

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