Monday, May 9, 2011

Mod My Blog Monday: Taking Screen Captures

I noticed a few people using for their giveaways wanted to include an image of the winning number in their posts but weren't sure how, so I thought I'd share this little trick! 

This works on Windows, I haven't got access to any other operating systems to try things out on those, but there will be a way to do this and Google is your friend..! ;)

Tip: This is also useful when you're having computer problems and want to show people what's actually happening on your screen!

How To Take A Screen Capture (a.k.a. Screen Shot) 

When you have something on the computer screen that you want to take a picture of, all you need to do is click the Print Screen button on your keyboard! It's actually labelled [PRTSC], and on my computer at least, it's located here:

Just clicking this button will put an image of your entire screen on your clipboard, ready to paste into an image editing program. So, open up MS Paint (Start -> Accessories) or some other editing program and paste it in! (Edit -> Paste, or hold down the Control key [CTRL] on your keyboard and hit the [V] key)

You should have pasted something like this:

Yes, I like tropical fish and The Sims! ;)

If you hold down the [ALT] key at the same time as pressing [PRTSC] then it will only capture the contents of the currently active window, like so:

Once you've pasted your screenshot into an image editor, you can crop the image down to the bit that you actually want. Save your image - I like to save mine in PNG format, but Blogger accepts JPG and GIF as well. Finally, upload it to Blogger!



CraftyMummy said...

Hi Rissa,
Just thought I'd add that if you are a Mac user (like me) there is a nifty free download called Skitch that can take screenshots and let you edit them too.

Hope it helps someone out there!

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