Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Love for the Ratbags

Today was pretty stressful. We took the boys (4 month old ratties <3) in for neutering today. Of course, being small animals it's reasonably risky, and being in a relatively small city, experienced vets are not plentiful! I did my best at finding a vet I trusted, but I was still anxious for them *all day*. We dropped them off at 8.30am and picked them up at 3pm, that's a solid 6.5 hours of butterflies-in-the-belly and shaking hands for me. Thank goodness they're home safe now, still a tiny bit groggy and feeling sorry for themselves, but otherwise well. They'll thank me for this when they realize it means they get to live in the whole cage instead of just half *and* they'll get to share it with the three girls ;)

Huckleberry and Hamilton being cute

This blog is of course named after my beautiful eldest sister rats, Hazel and Honeysuckle. Such cheeky girls!

From top - Hazel, Honeysuckle and Hannelore (upside down, whoops!)


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