Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whip It Up Wednesday: Paper Roses

These paper flowers take a bit longer to make than some of the others I've shared but are totally worth the effort! They're not hard, just need a leeeettle bit more patience :)

What You Need:
* Coloured paper (scrapbook or craft paper works well)
* A wooden skewer

Scissors and a glue gun

What To Do:
Cut out a bunch of petal shapes! As usual, I winged it and just took one thick strip of paper, folded it up a few times and then cut a petal shape out. I forgot to take a photo of this step using the purple paper, but here's an example in pink (I cut rounder petals for the rose too, see the picture below!)

To make a rose you will want to make a few large petals and a few slightly smaller.

When you've got your petals it's time to shape them. First, roll the petal up from the tip to the base and then unroll it again. This makes the petal more pliable and gives it a bit of  shape.

Now gently roll the top edges inwards diagonally, like so:

Do this for all of your petals.

Time to assemble our rose! Take one of your smaller petals, run a bit of glue along the bottom of the petal and glue it onto the top of your wooden skewer, rolled corners facing outwards:

Now take another petal and repeat the process, attaching the second petal opposite the first one.

Continue using this method to add petals and build up your rose. For your first layer we just used two petals, but each layer will need more and more petals. 

Stagger the petals so they slightly overlap at the edges. Use the smaller petals first, then the larger petals for the outside of the rose. Shape the petals as you go.

Just for comparison, here's the pink rose I made using the same technique but 
without rolling or shaping the petals before attaching them: 

I think you'll agree that the rolling/shaping of petals is worth it!

Happy flower making! :D


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