Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whip It Up Wednesday: Birthday Card for Nan

It's that busy time of year where we have lots of birthdays in our family, as well as things like Father's Day, and that means lots of cards! Hopefully I'm not boring you too much ;)

This card is for my Nan's birthday. She lives a 5 hour drive away from me so I don't get to see her anywhere near as often as I would like. I hope she likes her pop-up bouquet card!

This idea comes from Martha Stewart's site, where you can also find downloadable templates if you so desire. This is the original version:

 I like to make things up as I go, so here's how I made mine.

First we need to make seven flowers. For each flower, you need one square of coloured paper. I used squares approximately 3" x 3" in purple, blue and yellow.

Fold your paper in half, then half again, like so:

Fold in half diagonally, like so:

Then take some sharp scissors and cut the end so it's rounded. 
When you open it up you should have a flower shape!


Now cut out one petal. Pop a bit of double sided tape on one of the petals next to the newly created gap, then stick the petal from the other side of the gap onto it. This gives you a 3D flower!


Now make 6 more ;) You need 7 in total.

To assemble your card, take one flower to use as the central flower and on the back of each petal use a small piece of double sided tape to attach it to the petal of another flower. You should have something like this when you're done:

Now use small pieces of double sided tape to attach the tips of adjoining petals where shown in this image:

Now you should be able to fold it down flat along a the centre, like so:

Pop a piece of double sided tape on the middle petal (the middle petal on my yellow flower below), and then close the card around it to attach. Repeat with the other side of your bouquet so that both sides are secure. 

If you want, cut some leaf shapes and fold them in half to give a 3D feel.

Attach them anywhere that they don't get in the way of opening and closing your card :) 

The inside is done! It's up to you to decorate the outside ;)

Happy Wednesday!


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