Monday, December 13, 2010

Failed Birthday Present - Cute Idea Though!

One of my friends is having her 21st very soon, so I decided I'd make something a little special for her. I thought about making a fabric necklace, because they're almost fool proof so I couldn't stuff it up! But I decided no, I'd better make something a bit more dressy since it's an important occasion.

So I made this:
Front view

Back view
And didn't like it. I still like the idea, but the implementation wasn't great. Basically, I cut little pretty bits from some of my favourite fabrics and glued them into some of those lovely Tibetan silver frames, a little varnish, then added some pretty Swarovski crystal dangles. I think it just looks too casual when worn, which is great and all but not what I was going for.

So, modification time. I altered it to this instead:
Front view

Back view
Much happier with this. Simple, elegant, pretty! Yum! So, I wrapped it all up with her other bits of presents and had it sitting there happily waiting for the party.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that this friend is allergic to silver...

*face palm* 

Luckily, we just happened to be talking about jewellery before her party and she reminded me of this, which of course sent me in to panic mode! Luckily I managed to make a fabric necklace (oh, back to Plan A now are we?) in time and with sufficient sparkle to keep everyone happy :)
Recognise this from an earlier post, anyone?


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